Milano Design PhD festival 6-10 March 2017 7th Edition

Defending sessions

Meet the PhD candidates defending their theses
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Sara Bergamaschi

InterM&Dia. Interaction as a dialogue based on materiality

Tue 07 March 2017 | 09.30
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Claudia Caramel

The Fleeting Beauty. Improving the aesthetic experience of urban spaces by enhancing the little-known heritage

Wed 08 March 2017 | 09.30
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Rosalam Che Me

Assistive [Wayfinding] Design and Technology. Development of a wearable haptic-feedback navigational assistance for elderly with dementia

Thu 09 March 2017 | 09.30
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Silvia Maria Gramegna

Therapeutic Habitat. Interior design as a tool to develop solutions to enhance the effectiveness of non-pharmacological therapies for Alzheimer’s disease

Thu 09 March 2017 | 10.30
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Han Han

Acculturation of Brand. Strategic design for European luxury fashion brands in China consumer market

Fri 10 March 2017 | 09.30
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Beril Imamogullari

Designing for Therapies in Dementia. ICT-enabled design practice for supporting non-pharmacological therapies in Alzheimer’s disease

Thu 09 March 2017 | 11.30
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Ece Özdil

Reimagining Archives. An investigation into novel experiences of archives towards heritage knowledge production and dissemination

Tue 07 March 2017 | 11.30
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Sabrina Scuri

Web-based Immersivity: Setting the Field. A framework for understanding the experience of immersion in the web environment

Wed 08 March 2017 | 10.30
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Livia Tenuta

Futures for Fashion: functional accessories between innovation and fashion in the age of technology

Fri 10 March 2017 | 10.30
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Simona Venditti

Social Media Fiction. A framework for designing narrativity on social media

Wed 08 March 2017 | 11.30
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Annamaria Andrea Vitali

Meet me in Play. Creative processes and expressive techniques in playful multimedia

Tue 07 March 2017 | 10.30
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Marco Zilvetti

Moving in the Digital Era. Envisioning innovative interior solutions for future driverless cars in responsive urban spaces

Mon 06 March 2017 | 10.00

About design PhD Festival

Learn about the Milano Design PhD Festival
Urban Mobility. Experiences. Narratives. Taking Care. Customer Behaviour.

Milano Design PhD Festival is a program of meetings with the international protagonists of design culture.

It is an occasion to take part in the final PhD defenses of PhD candidates.

All venues are open to the public from 06 to 10 March 2017 and are organized in English.

The intention is to discuss several issues in design process among Italian and international researchers, PhD candidates and world mentioned professors.

The five areas of research of the 7th edition are: Urban Mobility, Experiences, Narratives, Taking Care, Customer Behaviour.

All events are taking place in Castiglioni Room at Politecnico di Milano, Campus Bovisa, Via Candiani 72.

  • Defending sessions

    12 PhD candidates

  • open lectures

    16 international speakers

  • Scientific Seminars

    organized by the PhD students in Design

  • PhD Evenings

    Drinks and Networking

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open lectures

Participate in open lectures given by international speakers

Prof. Luca Guerrini

Coordinator PhD in Design
Design Department
Politecnico di Milano

Prof. Alberto Colorni

Politecnico di Milano, Italy

Prof. Ezio Manzini

Honorary Professor
Politecnico di Milano

Prof. Toru Ishida

Kyoto University, Japan

Prof. Matteo Conti

Royal College of Art, UK

Prof. Jelle Van Dijk

University of Twente,
The Netherlands

Prof. John Franklin Sharp II

The New School, USA

Prof. Dana Rebecca Arnold

University of East Anglia, UK

Prof. Duarte Nuno Jardim Nunes

Universidade de Lisboa, Portugal

Prof. Pia Marjatta Tikka

Aalto University, Finland

Prof. Seung Hee Lee

University of Tsukuba, Japan

Prof. Antonio Rizzo

Università degli Studi di Siena, Italy

Prof. Lorenzo Imbesi

Universita’ degli Studi di Roma “La Sapienza”, Italy

Prof. Nicolas Henchoz

EPFL+ECAL Lab, Lausanne, Switzerland

Prof. Yingchun Zang

Tsinghua University, China

Prof. Shinya Nagasawa

Waseda University, Japan

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